1. Financial Management

    * Monthly and Annual Financial Reports
  • * Annual Prepare Draft Operating and Reserve Budgets
  • * Contingency Budgeting
  • * Assessment Planning and Collections
  • * Timely Payment and Management of Expenses
  • * Community Banking

2. Administrative Management

* Selection and Oversight of Vendors
* Insurance-Management and Claim Advocacy
* Regular and Special Meetings Attendance
* Complaint Investigation and Resolution
* Clarification, Definition and Enforcement of
   Governing Documents




3. Construction Management

* Solicit Contractor Bids
* Assist in Contractor Selection
* Ensure Appropriate Permitting
* Verify Compliance with Specifications
* Quality Control of Projects

4. Physical Maintenance

* Ensure that  our Communities are Clean and Well Maintained
* Regular Property Inspections and Reports
* Vendor Contract Negotiation, Hiring, and Supervision

5. Other


* Utility Cost Reduction Assistance

* 24 Hour ON CALL Emergency Service

* Provide Resale Certificates to Unit Owners or Their Agents    Within Two Business Days of Request

* Provide Refinance Certifications to Unit Owners  or Their    Agents Within Two Business Days of Request